Charles Schwab Foundation and Schwab Community Services Leader shares her approach and learnings in responding to COVID-19

Over the last six weeks, Prosono has engaged with hundreds of leaders and executives. Many have been asking what it looks like to move forward, learn from this, and build better organizational resiliency. While that solution is unique for each of us, Prosono did want to share one partner’s journey in effectively navigating this current crisis.

Julie Seltz, Principal of Prosono, interviewed Casey Cortese, Managing Director of Schwab Community Services and the Charles Schwab Foundation about their approach and response to COVID-19.

After engaging with Casey and her team, Prosono identified the following key elements that underpinned Charles Schwab’s response:

· Took time to organize and listen. (1:30, 7:50)

· Leveraged their Strategy and Disaster Recovery Plan, budget, and additional resources (6:16, 12:45)

· Took account of the assets and resources in their purview (5:30, 9:10, 16:35, 30:20)

· Included the voices of their stakeholders — including leadership, employees, the nonprofits they serve, etc. (3:00, 24:10, 38:10)

· Stayed grounded in need, making sure actions were built on validity, not assumption (4:50, 9:50, 26:09)

· Drove clarity on the goals most important to the Foundation (12:45)

· Took the opportunity to strengthen existing, long-term partnerships and elevate their nonprofit partnerships (14:00)

· Lean in to the value of your strategy in times of crisis (19:02)

· Q&A from a CSR leader on volunteerism, CSR in times of crisis and more (36:10)

As a result of their focus, the team announced a plan that positively impacts the local communities where Schwab is located, aligns with national efforts aimed at addressing the root causes of the crisis, honored their long-standing nonprofit partners and their commitment to the nonprofit partners that were selected for their upcoming (and now cancelled) volunteer week.

You can listen to the full interview here.

If you have questions following the interview, please email



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